Animatronic Halloween Props For Haunted House

With the coming of Halloween animatronic Halloween props are popular in the market. Nowadays we made a customized monster box animatronic for a haunted house.

monster box animatronic

monster box animatronic

Monster box is a special monster widely appeared in fairy tales and video games. It will attack the treasure hunters when they open the treasure box excitedly.

The animatronic monster box we made is a dynamic custom animatronic. It can make motions with the driving of mechanical and electric system. Besides, it can also make sound while moving.

This kind of custom animatronic prop is very attractive in amusement park and haunted house. People are attracted by its special appearance because they are unique.

We can make all kinds of customized animatronics. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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