How to maintain the animatronic dinosaurs?

There are several aspects to maintain the animatronic dinosaurs.

animatronic t-rex

The mechanical part, which is well balanced and lubricated during production, and can be used normally.

The surface, Keep the surface clean. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with clean water, no cleaning products are needed. When the ultraviolet radiation is too strong, the fading rate will increase, and the faded animatronic dinosaurs will be closer to the color of surroundings. The color can be repainted after 3-5 years.

Controller part, controllers are all electrical components, also the brain of animatronic dinosaurs.

control box

Control Box

Electrical appliances are afraid of water or dampness. But the controller also has moisture-proof and rain-proof design, so long as it is not flooded, it can be used normally.

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