Four Steps to Teach You to Choose A Quality Customs Clearance Animatronic Animal

Reading recommendation: there are a lot of animatronic animal manufacturing enterprises because it’s a non-standard manufacturing industry, and a variety of quality animals flood the sales market. If customers are inexperienced, they are likely to pick out some animatronic animal traps with dark diseases. To sum up, only three steps are needed to select animatronic animals with quality clearance!

  1. animal animatronic

The appearance is very important. It is the precondition to ensure the quality of animals to pass the customs. Customers can use the methods such as hand and eye to check whether the appearance is defective and whether there is a repair mark. Moreover, in the appearance, there must be no sharp objects. Such animals are very easy to cause damage to tourists in the whole process of application.

2. Is the animatronic animal structure effective?

Animatronic animals are divided into two categories, two-legged and four-legged. When customers carry out the selection, they first need to see whether the animal structure is effective, for example, whether the steel frame structure of the support point applies a more solid trilateral shape and the size of the seamless steel pipe at the foot support point. There is an unwritten requirement in the manufacturing industry that the specification of animals should be reduced by 1, that is to say, the diameter of the seamless steel pipe at the foot support point, for example, the diameter of the seamless steel pipe at the foot support point of the 5-meter animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex is 4cm, which can only guarantee the effective and safe operation and application of the animatronic animal structure.

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3. is the animatronic animal fitness movement smooth?

It is the most critical step for the quality of animatronic animals to pass the customs, which is related to the later use period and reliability. When customers choose, they must make the animatronic animal shake up and watch whether the viewing posture is smooth. If there is a problem with screen blocking, it will be caused by the internal traditional shaft specification calculation error. Long term application will lead to steel frame structure desoldering or motor burning.

4. valid qualification certificate of animatronic animal manufacturing enterprise

The above people have interpreted the hardware configuration standard for selecting quality customs clearance animatronic animals and finally must check the valid qualification certificate of the manufacturing enterprise. A qualified enterprise is very complete in the valid qualification certificate. If there is no production and manufacturing qualification certificate, the quality of the manufacturing animatronic animals cannot be guaranteed.

Summary: the selection of animatronic animals can’t control how well the manufacturing enterprises boast and how good the quality is, but as customers, they must sign contracts with enterprises, and the responsibility division must be clearly defined in the contract, which is a strong guarantee for themselves.

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