How to protect consumers’ rights when animatronic dinosaurs break?

As a kind of children’s amusement equipment with high application frequency, the animatronic dinosaur will have some problems in the application more or less. Sometimes, the dinosaur will not move suddenly.

animatronic dinosaur sculpture (3)

The response to contact the animatronic dinosaur enterprise is to check here and there, check back and forth or for no reason. At this moment, the enterprise has just begun to shirk its responsibility.

At this time, the customer is very angry, but the animatronic dinosaur manufacturing industry is a non-standard manufacturing industry. It means you are not easy to protect your rights by laws.

To help customers solve those problems I will teach you how to self-check the common faults of animatronic dinosaurs.

First, we need to know the whole process of making animatronic dinosaurs, and what process will endanger the animatronic dinosaur.

To make an animatronic dinosaur, the first step is to weld the shape by welding the steel frame structure, and then put the electric motor on it.

Finally, after the appearance design, the dinosaur can be programmed and operated. There are several key elements to harm the animatronic dinosaur body-building, the first is the motor, the second is the control box.

control box

At first, people checked the animatronic dinosaur control box. After the power was switched on, they could see if the control box had a practical operation display lamp. If not, they could replace the matching commercial insurance power switch. Commercial insurance was often very easy to burn down.

Therefore, every animatronic dinosaur enterprise‘s original factory was given a fuse tube with sufficient application for two years.

If the animatronic dinosaur can not move after the removal of commercial insurance, it will be said that the motor is broken, the removal of the motor can only solve the difficulties, only the removal of the motor is a technical work, or just find a technical professional repairman.  The animatronic of dinosaur repair and disassembly must also be technical professionals.