Custom Animatronic

What’s The Custom Animatronics

Animatronic technology widely applied to create characters people want to see. We have rich experience of bringing clients’ unique design to reality. Therefore, custom animatronics we made perfectly realized their idea. No matter flat design or 3D model are acceptable to make a custom animatronics. We have the ability to build flat and 3D model for animatronics which help us make best final works.

animatronic dragon

To meet the demand of clients we had made a variety of custom animatronics, such as talking tree, animatronic gorilla costume, animatronic snow monster,  animatronic polar bear costume, animatronic dragon, animatronic plants etc.

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Classic Custom Animatronics We Made

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Custom Animatronic Production

Here we will show you how did we made a custom animatronic elephant. Fellow our lead, you will understand the custmized animatronic production.


The first step is to design the appearance and mechanical system. With reasonable design, the product can works well and looks good.


Steel frame is skeleton of the product, we build it according the product shape. Then we need stick sponge on frame, and cut it as design.


To give the customized animatronics more details of appearance, we will carve more detail on the skin of animatronics.


A silk material with high strength and elasticity and silicone foam will be stuck on the surface of the skin to make it more durable.


Painting will directly determined the appearance of final product. Our skillful workers will painted it patiently with high quality paint.

Video Of Mechanical Elephant

Business Plan Of Custom Animatronics

Amusement Park

Custom animatronics widely seen in amusement park, kids are attracted by those animatronic characters.


Custom animatronics in theme park

Haunted House

Do you remember those horrible props in haunted house. Yes, they are lifelike animatronics.


A horrible joker in haunted house

Theme Exhibition

We had manufactured decades kind of animatronic dragons for a theme exhibition, do have another idea?


Animatronic dragon for theme exhibition

Stage Show

There are fiction creatures in fairy tale, we need animatronic character props to play their roles.


Animatronic dragon for stage show

Street Performance

Did you have seen Godzilla, predators, aliens, monsters walking on the street. It can be you with our animatronic props.


Predator costume for street show

Shopping Mall

A attractive custom animatronic is a good way to catch peoples’ eyes. How about have one for you.


Talking tree for shopping mall

The praise from clients is the best evidence of our work. There are some feedback for our group ( is belong to KANOSAUR Group)

customers rating
customers rating

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