The Latest Type of Animatronic Dinosaur Suit

Materials: stainless steel frame (structural improvement, lightweight, softness), high-tech lightweight composite (customized materials, lightweight, environmental protection, more realistic, no odor).


  1. Sound: there are four different kinds of shouting and breathing sounds, which can be changed according to different main performances;
  2. Posture: the eyes blink automatically, the lips stretch out, keep pace with the sound, the head moves easily (shaking head, up, down, left to the right, etc.), and the tail moves when jogging and walking.
  3. Additional functions: water spray and smoke spray;
  4. Packaging key points: foam plastic film and polypropylene film, and put into the airbox or wooden box packaging;
  5. Net weight: 18 kg. Gross weight (including wooden case): about 100 kg;
  6. Specification: 4m to 5m, the height-width ratio of clothing can be customized from 1.2m to 3.2m according to the height of actors (1.65m to 2.2m);
  7. Color: can be any custom color
  8. Type: hide legs or visible legs;
  9. Accessories: fan (air change), camera and screen (to watch the actors perform), battery (to use a fully charged day, you can also send other batteries), charger, computer board (sound, eye flicker, fan, camera and screen motion control), all daily maintenance materials of Tyrannosaurus Rex clothing test before delivery, often have qualification certificate, iso9001:2009, environmental protection level.


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