Animatronic Insect

What’s the Animatronic Insect?

Animatronic Insects are giant size robotic model of bugs. Usually they are decades time bigger than real insects. So it can show audiences more details of bug. Therefore giant animatronic insect statues are widely used in scientific educating in school or museum. Besides they are also popular in insects theme park. We provide static and dynamic giant insects for clients. Such as animatronic dragonfly, animatronic mantis, animatronic scorpion, animatronic spider, animatronic butterfly, animatronic snail etc.

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Custom Animatronic Insects

Insects are the largest group of animal in the world, and most of them are unfamiliar to people.

People have big interests on learning more about them. Animatronic insects are good educational props to spread knowledge of them.

We will provide customized giant insects statue for you.

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Animatronic Insects Production

Design of animatronic scorpion

Design of animatronic scorpion

We will design the animatronic insects with the flat draft or 3D model, it will help our workers building it more accurately.

the mechanical frame of animatronics

the mechanical frame of animatronics

Build the mechanical system is including the steel frame making and the electronic device installing. The steel frame is the bone of animatronic insects, electric device makes it dynamic.

animatronic scorpion after sculpturing

The animatronic scorpion after sculpturing

Firstly we need to stick high strength sponge on the steel frame, which constitutes the muscle of giant bugs. Then we need to sculpture it to specific insect images. This step will directly affect the appearance of the final product.

Animatronic Scorpion statue

The final product of animatronic scorpion

Finally, we need to paint insects and bugs according to their real color or demand of clients. Our high-quality paint won’t fade in a long time.

Business Idea Of Animatronic Insects

Insects Theme Park

A theme park full of giant insects sounds interesting to visit.

Mall Decoration

Shopping mall need attractions to draw people's attention, a giant insect is a good idea.


Animatronic grasshopper for shopping mall

Theme Exhibition

Some educational exhibition of insects are popular by children and their parents.

City Park Decoration

City park always need decorations. How about try some realistic animatronic insects?


Animatronic Centipede for city park decoration

Praise form Clients

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customers rating
customers rating

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