Animatronic dinosaurs making

Making animatronic dinosaur is to use modern technology to make realistic dinosaurs according to computer restored pictures of dinosaur fossils. The appearance, shape and action of the restored simulated dinosaurs are very lifelike and vivid.

How is a animatronic dinosaur made?

The first is to use steel skeleton as a dinosaur scaffold, and use sponge or foam to make three-dimensional processing of dinosaur cortex. If we need to show living dinosaurs vividly, the internal structure is very complex.

animatronic t rex

We need to install machine parts and motors to show the action. We need to install control box to make dinosaurs make different voices. If we want to make the eyes of dinosaurs shine, we need to install lights.

This dinosaur’s skin is made with soft material, so it can do a lot of action. For example: head swing, mouth open, forepaw swing, tail swing, we usually simulate a dinosaur action number of 3-15, while the mouth will make a terrible sound. The production of this kind of dinosaur is called dynamic animatronic dinosaur or electric animatronic dinosaur.

The second is the use of steel skeleton as dinosaur support, the skin using plastic cement or three-dimensional shape of glass steel. This dinosaur is usually placed outdoors for tourists to take photos, or use as a landscape. Because the cortex of this kind of simulated dinosaur is made of cement or fiberglass steel, it can not make dynamic dinosaur but static dinosaur, and its ornamental and scientific popularity are inferior to dynamic animatronic dinosaur.

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