Fossil fabrication technology of realistic dinosaur skeleton

The realistic dinosaur skeleton is a 1:1 restoration of the reconstructed dinosaur fossil engineering drawings excavated by paleontologists using modern technology.dinosaur skeleton

The realistic dinosaur skeleton can be used for the Science exhibition, history museum, theme amusement park, children’s amusement park, shopping mall cinema, and shopping plaza.

Dinosaur Skeletons

T-rex Skeletons in museum

It can not only make tourists feel the splendor after the tragic death of these prehistoric animals but also play a very good role in ancient biological knowledge science popularization for tourists.Dinosaur Skeletons

The artificial dinosaur skeleton is made of clay and then molded with glass fiber reinforced plastics to prevent corrosion. Clay is the most critical part of simulating the dinosaur skeleton shape.

As a company specializing in the production of realistic dinosaur skeletal, we strictly compare each dinosaur skeleton with the reference documents of the skeletal image restored by archaeologists. We elaborate on every dinosaur skeleton’s works of art.

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