Animatronic Talking Tree Made by Dinosaur Manufacturing Factory

The animatronic talking tree made by us is 3 meters high. It is a model made by animatronic and mechanical technology. It can blink eyes and make sounds. It can also interact with human beings through audio.talking tree

When we make the animatronic talking tree, we first use a steel frame to make the base of the speaking tree.

After installing control parts in the base frame, we wrap the whole model with high-density sponge, which is cut and shaped by experienced workers.

talking tree

The skin of the talking tree is made of silk, silica gel, and pigments. The touch is very realistic, and the elastic high-density sponge makes the model feel more real. The factory equips the talking tree with accessories of audio and infrared sensors. The sensing range of the sensors is 2 meters. When the sensors are activated, the speaker tree can blink its eyes and play the recorded audio.

talking tree

A good animatronic model requires more than 10 days of careful production by workers. Only by being careful and careful can we make the model vivid.

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