How to Make Exhibition Rental by animatronic Dinosaur Model

Animatronic dinosaurs belong to the category of resin crafts. animatronic dinosaurs are suitable for theme parks, museums, science and technology museums, amusement parks, animal and botanical gardens, resorts, large shopping malls, city squares, theme restaurants, various exhibitions and so on.

animatronic t-rex They can also be used for commercial marketing, increasing the atmosphere and attracting customers.

t-rex statue

Firstly, we design the draft according to the customer’s needs. Secondly, we use a steel frame and steel pipe to build the internal frame structure of the dinosaur model. Then equipped with the corresponding motor and action, it seems to be a framework model welded with a steel bar.

animatronic t-rex statue

The second step–modeling, we will cut sponge into each part of the body of the rough module of dinosaurs, according to the steel structure, pasted on the structure, and then manually with knives and scissors to make the dinosaur’s muscles, body shape and the details of various parts, such a prototype of dinosaur model came out.

t-rex statue

The third step is the treatment of leather making and brushing, the surface processing with silicone rubber and other technologies, so that a set of processes come down, an animatronic of the appearance of the dinosaur model will come out.

t-rex statue

The fourth step is the treatment of coloring and dinosaur skin. The color and skin of dinosaurs should be treated many times to ensure that the surface of dinosaurs would not be easily damaged.

t-rex statue

Finally, after a complete set of process work, a vivid animatronic of the dinosaur model came out.

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