Animatronic T-rex Vs Velociraptor

Animatronic T-rex Vs Velociraptors

Animatronic T-rex Vs Velociraptors

What will happen when the T-rex comes across a group of Velociraptors?

Velociraptors absolutely are bloody killers, but can they defeat the huge predator like t-rex?


Animatronic T-rex

As we know, raptors have a long sharp curved claw, especially their second finger. It could easily open its prey with the second finger.

But T-rex is the strongest carnivorous dinosaur as far as we know.

Claws of raptor might hurt the t-rex, but the bite of t-rex means death.

T-rex killed the velociraptor

T-rex killed the velociraptor

We made animatronics of them to rebuild the classic battle scene of t-rex vs Raptors.

The dinosaur skin color of animatronic velociraptor is mainly light blue—a colorful skin like what in Jurassic World is popular now.

Velociraptor with light blue skin color

Animatronic Velociraptor with light blue skin color

One of the Velociraptor had climbed on the back of the animatronic T-rex.

Animatronic raptor on the back of t-rex

T-rex Vs Velociraptor

The scene is to pay tribute to the film.

Did you remember the fight in Jurassic Park

Did you remember the fight in Jurassic Park

Why should we build a scene like this one?

Because we should let the audience feel the charm of dinosaur culture by waking their memory of classic films.

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