Modern people’s understanding of dinosaurs basically comes from the study of fossils, so that they are so burly and almost no natural enemies. The widespread saying that dinosaurs have disappeared on Earth so far is the impact of alien meteorites. If there is no meteorite impact, will dinosaurs have the same wisdom as human beings in the process of evolution?
If the dinosaurs are not extinct, the body shape is not as big as it is now, because the earth has experienced an ice age. In that era, the earth’s oxygen content was greatly reduced, and the large dinosaurs required a large supply of oxygen, and only evolved to be small in order to survive in an oxygen-scarce environment.

Dinosaurs can have minds if they were not extinct

Dinosaurs can have minded if they were not extinct

There are two views on whether or not to evolve wisdom, and the first one does not. The reason is that dinosaurs are oviparous animals. In modern perspectives, it is often assumed that mammals have enough nutrients in their mothers to develop well, so a relatively high level of intelligence is used.
The oviparous animals are different. They are separated from the mother at first, so there are not enough nutrients to supply the brain. Moreover, dinosaurs have lived on the earth for 160 million years, and have not evolved wisdom. Moreover, dinosaurs do not face any threat on this earth and do not need to use wisdom, so in the environment suitable for their own growth, basically, no evolution will occur.
Of course, some people agree that dinosaurs can evolve wisdom. A research institute from North America that specializes in the evolution and reproduction of the fangs and establishes the theory of dinosaurs. From the model point of view, there is not much difference between dinosaurs and humans. The reason for choosing the fangs is that they are considered to be the most intelligent dinosaurs, and their intelligence is even more than that of mammals. So dinosaurs should evolve from time to time, even if not all dinosaurs can do it.