Service & Products

A: All the products are customized, the price is different for specific design and size. So we don’t have a price list. Usually we will provide you images and size as suggestion according your budget.

A: For order under 5000 dollar, we will not start the production of order unless it is fully paid. For order upper 5000 dollar, we will make products while we received 50% pre-payment and deliver it unless the order fully paid.

A: We got variety of customized products which made it difficult to get a general purpose CE for all the products. So we need get a specific CE if you must have it, and you need pay for the certificate.  We had exported to many European countries without CE, so it is not a problem for our business.

A: We provide 1 year warranty and long life technology support. A repair packet will attached when we deliver the products. We will send you operating video to help you solve those small problem.

A: We would like to send you the glue but it is forbidden in international transportation. You can buy it in your market, we will help you, it’s easy to find the suitable glue.

A: Usually our animatronics can be over 95% similar to the design and model. And it is also depends on the accuracy of your draft, it would be better to get a 3D model for it. Besides, a longer processing time also insures a good result.

A: 3D model need about 30 days to build it, and it is expensive. So it is better to confirm with us when you need it, we will calculate it and send you the price.(After we get the order, we will send you the plate design for it, then you can roughly learn the final products. So it is not necessary to have a 3D model without special reason. )

A: We will confirm the color with you though Pantone color card, then match the color according the card and paint it accurately. And all the painting step will be confirmed with you. There might be a little chromatic aberration because the environment light, the key point is to confirm the color.

A: It depends on the size, number and requirements of products. Normally it is 10 days for an animatronic.

A: We had exported to over 50 countries, and we are especially familiar to customs in advanced countries, for example, Countries in European Union (about 20%) and America etc. Customs of our products is low for many countries.

Package & Transportation& Installation

A: Firstly, the products will be wrapped by plastic sponge, then put in the wooden box while fit stuffs inside the box, to protect it moving when shipping.

A: Usually we provide several solution for installation:

  1. Steel frame. It can be covered by artificial grass which make it look better.
  2. Use hidden bolt fix it. It is concealed, but we need bore holes on the installing place to install the bolts.
  3. We provide fiberglass, silicone and concrete base for products.
  4. Steel plate. The plate can be squire or round and painted the color you want.

Animatronic Dinosaur

A: 25-30 day. We will try to help you with urgent order.

A: Yes. It works well in temperature between -20  to 40 Celsius(-4 to 104 Fahrenheit).

A: Usually we keep 20 piece dinosaurs as stock, but you’d better contact us to confirm it, for another customer might be purchased them one step ahead.

A: Yes, Size/Shape/Color/Movement, all parts can be customized.

A: Yes, We could send engineers and workers to help you install dinosaurs.

A:  Guarantee period is 12 months, after the warranty, we also provide life-long technology support.

Dinosaur Costume

A: 12-15 day. We will try to help you with urgent order.

A: 4-5 year with basic maintenance.

A: We recommend you pay via telegraphic transfer(T/T).

A: We will provide you free spare parts in 12 months and long time technology support.

A: Yes. Dinosaur species, size, shape, color and function are all customized.

A: Basic it with motion of eyes, mouth and head. Besides, we can custom motion like smoke spraying, flash light, wing swing (for dragon costume). Please contact us for special function.

A: It is about 16kg of the new material type, 26kg of the old one.

A: Usually 15-30 minutes, depends on the requirement.

A: The voice come out while the dinosaur’s mouth is open, it will play the voice it recorded randomly. It can not be perfectly fit the motion because all the voice is pre-recorded. But you can make the motions fit the voice instead.

A: To make it cooler, we will make 4-6 holes on the costume which will improve the flowing of air. Besides, we will install a fan inside.

Q: It is not suggested, for it will increase the load of battery—it need supply power to fan, screen, camera etc. It will run out of the electricity soon after add more fan, and it rarely make it cooler.

A: Normally it is one HD camera inside, and we can add more on it.

Animatronic Animal

A: Yes, it can works in water. And there are 2 solution for it. First, the animatronic animal still have some parts upon the water. Then, it still be available to use the electric and mechanical system to drive it. The second it to use pneumatic system drive it, the pneumatic system works well even the animatronic animal is completely under water—those crocodiles rushing out of the water in amusement park used the second solution.

Animatronic Scooter

A: Normally it can work 4 hours after fully charged for one passenger.