Detailed Introduction of two Processing Technologies Commonly Used in Animatronic Animal

In some children’s amusement parks, history museums and family tree exhibitions, people often see some animatronic animals. Unlike animal specimens, although authenticity is a little bit poor, the cost is relatively lower. There are two kinds of commonly used processing technologies, but they are all made and evolved by imitating dinosaurs.

  1. processing technology of electric mechanical equipment

Animatronic animal manufacturers are mainly located in Shandong Province and Sichuan Province. At least Zigong, Sichuan Province, is more famous for its dynamic animatronic animals.

Its processing technology is the internal mechanical equipment electric, the steel frame structure electric welding structure skeleton diagram is applied, the motor drive system is installed, and the surface is filled with sponge silicone rubber. Then install the control board and speaker, after writing the program, you can move in a straight line according to the special shape, exceeding the actual effect of mechanical energy. It is very suitable for children’s amusement parks, history museums, science spectrum exhibition theme activities.

2. Static FRP process

FRP should be made of epoxy resin and matrix, and glass fiber as raw material. The manufacturing and processing technology of static FRP animatronic animals is the first to make clay plastic modeling design. Then, after the low-temperature candle is painted with clay plastic, the epoxy resin and glass fiber are used to turn the mold, and a Fiberglass modeling design abrasive like fish clay plastic is made. Then, the rough mold of animatronic animal is made by the mold, and the final product is made after polishing and coloring.

In terms of the convenience of processing technology, it is an electric mechanical equipment animatronic animal. Only one animal reference map is needed to make an animal model that matches the photos. However, due to the addition of motor and management procedures, the cost is relatively higher. However, if the total number of FRP animatronic animals in the same batch number is large, it is only necessary to make many times of clay modeling design, and it will be more cost-effective to spread out the cost.

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