New Type Walking Dinosaur

Walking dinosaurs are our latest high-tech products. It combines mechanical control system, remote control system and animatronic technology, so that dinosaurs can walk and move naturally.

walking dinosaur

They can also make sounds and make lifelike dinosaur motions. This is a performance improvement and progress based on normal animatronic dinosaurs.

dinosaur ride

We use stainless steel to make mechanical frames and pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic technology to make motion, in order to make large-scale movement. It is powered by four aluminium batteries and can run for five hours after charging.

dinosaur ride

It need two people to operate it while the dinosaur walking on. One controls the driving device and the other controls the movement and sound.

dinosaur ride

We provide all kinds of high quality animatronic dinosaurs. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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