Fiberglass Dinosaur

What’s Fiberglass Dinosaur?

It is a static dinosaur statue, mainly made with fiberglass material. A fiberglass dinosaur statue always be a 1:1 scale model of real dinosaur.

Species of fiberglass dinosaur we can make

There are a variety of  fiberglass dinosaur species we made, such as: fiberglass T-rex, fiberglass raptor, fiberglass Triceratops, fiberglass Spinosaurus, fiberglass Stegosaurus, fiberglass Ankylosaurus

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Fiberglass Dinosaur Production

Clay sculpture of an Allosaurus

Clay sculpture of an Allosaurus

Firstly, we will make a steel frame with dinosaur shape, then use clay fill up it. After patiently carved, a dinosaur clay sculpture is finished.

fiberglass mold

fiberglass mold

We brush liquid resin and fiberglass mesh on clay sculpture. It will turn to be solid after losing water, looks like a shell of the sculpture. The “shell” is the fiberglass mold of dinosaur sculpture. We will use the mold to make the final product by filling resin and fiberglass material inside the mold.

Allosaurus statue after polished

Allosaurus statue after polished

After removing the mold, a semi-finished fiberglass dinosaur is turned out. But the surface of the statue is not smooth enough to paint. So we will polish it with the machine.

Allosaurus statue after painted

Allosaurus statue after painted

Color painting will directly influent the appearance of the final product. We will use high-quality oil paint for the statue, so it won’t fade and split in an outdoor environment.

Application Of Fiberglass Dinosaur


Hundreds species beautiful fiberglass dinosaur are exhibiting in museum, they are indispensable.

Theme Park

A dinosaur theme park must have some landscape, a giant fiberglass dinosaur is ideal choice.


Attractive fiberglass dinosaurs  in theme park

Theme Hotel

A dinosaur theme hotel look attractive, and there should be fiberglass dinosaur stand at the gate.


Fiberglass T-rex in front of a dinosaur theme hotel

Home Decoration

A fiberglass dinosaur statue looks like a fantastic collection the worth show off to friends.


A beautiful fiberglass dinosaur for home decoration

City Park

People are get tired of those traditional ornaments in city park, how about some fiberglass dinosaur instead?


Three kids sit on a fiberglass dinosaur in city park

Water Park

Tourists enjoy play water nearby a giant semi-aquatic Spinosaurus, don’t worry, it won’t eat any one and it is waterproof.


A fiberglass Spinosaurus in water park

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