What problems should we pay attention to when choosing science spectrum animatronic dinosaurs?

The science spectrum animatronic dinosaur mainly through the intelligent restoration process produces the dinosaur model which can call mechanical energy. It is mainly suitable for children to do dinosaur-related popular science knowledge. This is a relatively professional matter, not sloppy, or it will make a scene, in the choice of animatronic dinosaurs should pay attention to these issues!

animatronic dinosaur sculpture   1.Reliability

Some manufacturers like to personalize, always create a form of dinosaur that some biologists have never explored. If it is used for the ornamental of tourist attractions ecological park, it is OK. But if it is used as a science exhibition, it will be bad. This kind of animatronic dinosaur will seriously deceive the children’s cognition and mislead the children’s production methods. So we must choose some popular dinosaurs as the genealogy.

2. Safety Performance

Generally, the science spectrum of animatronic dinosaurs can be electric in order to be durable. After power-on, dinosaurs can emit calls, but it is important to pay attention to the body, children are surprised. For this kind of electric mechanical Warning Animatronic dinosaurs, some children will stick the door into the dinosaur’s lips. Hard front teeth will cause damage to children. Therefore, for safety, the science spectrum animatronic dinosaur’s front teeth should be used.

3. Size and Specification

For genealogy, dinosaur size is not suitable for too large or too small. After all, for children, a good meeting has a sense of deterrence, which makes children afraid, and if the size is too small, it becomes no momentum. So we recommend that we generally do science animatronic dinosaur specifications is about 4-5 meters best, neither too large, not become small.

4. Easy Matching

If it is an animatronic dinosaur in the eco-park of tourist attractions, it can be placed directly in the plant without considering this factor, and the family tree is usually in the room, so it is necessary to choose the combination of green plants as a garden landscape, such as Chiron technology can be made into a whole, with a model to simulate stone green plants, placed on a tray, direct wiring can be done. Use to avoid placing distress.

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