Animatronic Omeisaurus Displayed In Museum

Animatronic Omeisaurus displayed in museum

Omeisaurus  (meaning “Omei lizard”) is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic Period (BathonianCallovian stage) of what is now China.  Its name comes from Mount Emei, where it was discovered in the lower Shaximiao Formation of Sichuan Province.

The Omeisaurus has the second long neck in all the sauropod dinosaurs, the first is Mamenchisaurus.

Animatronic Mamenchisaurus

Mamenchisaurus statue

Omeisaurus is a famous dinosaur in China, therefore, their statues are exhibit in many museums in China.

Animatronic Omeisaurus group in museum

Animatronic Omeisaurus group in museum

To meet demand of our client, we made a group of giant animatronic Omeisaurus dinosaur statue, most of those animatronics are over 10 meter in length.

Animatronic-Omeisaurus testing in factory

Omeisaurus statue testing in factory

Those Omeisaurus dinosaur statues are displayed a Museum in northeastern China.

We have rich experience on making a variety of animatronic dinosaur statues for museum.

Video of animatronic dinosaurs we made:

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