Customized Animatronic fairies For Amusement Parks

Customized animatronics are special animatronic models made according to the specific requirement of our clients.

Those special animatronics are popular with audiences in theme parks.

animatronic fairies

Nowadays, we made some animatronic fairies, they are all lovely and popular with people.

They are made according to the animation characters in the film—Monster Hunt.


Monster Hunt

It’s one of the most successfu film in China. And there are a lot of lovely fairies in the film.

Those animatronic fairies are over 90% similar to those animation characters in films.

animatronic fairies

Lovely Hu Ba is the lead role of the film.

animatronic fairies

Lovely fairy

Those animatronic fairies not static statues but dynamic models.

With the electric and mechanical system, it can make motions of head, mouth, limbs, etc.

animatronic fairies

animatronic fairies

animatronic fairies

We provide all kinds of customized animatronics, please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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