Dinosaur Costum

What’s Dinosaur Costume?

Dinosaur costume also called dinosaur suit. It is a mechanical puppet created according dinosaur models. Usually operators use two cable-pulled handle to control the motions. A experienced performer can make lifelike movements with a dinosaur suit. Performing with dinosaur costume are popular by audiences of Jurassic theme park , theme exhibition, street show etc. 

To meet the demand of market we provide customized service for clients. Now ,we created a variety of dinosaur costume, such asT-rex costume, Raptor costume, Triceratops costume, Spinosaurus costume, Dilophosaurus costume

And we keep on developing the animatronic technology and new material of our dinosaur costume to meet the change of market.

Development Of Dinosaur Costume

It firstly is just a expensive prop for films. Only a few big film crew have the founds to afford a realistic dinosaur costume.
With the development of our animatronic industry, it now became a more popular items.
Now, even a personal lover can afford a realistic dino suit.

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How The Dinosaur Costume Works?

camera-of-dinosaur-costumesThe camera on dinosaur noose will catch what happened outside, provide sight view for the operator. So the operator can avoid barriers and interact with audiences.
The speaker makes the voice of dinosaurs, it automatically works and makes specific voice while mouth open and eyes blink.

Screen of dinosaur costume

Screen of dinosaur costume

Mini screen shows outside view of dinosaur costume. We can improve the view-sight by increase another camera and screen on the dinosaur suit.

Fan of dinosaur costume

Fan of dinosaur costume

Mini fans adjust the temperature inner the suits. A good cooling system will greatly improve your operating experience.

Battery of dinosaur costume

Battery of dinosaur costume

Battery provides electric power for speaker, fan and screen. A control box adjusts the volume of the speaker. Usually, we connected it with battery.

Operating Handle

Operating Handle

Handles and triggers constitute its control system. Head and neck of dinosaur will move when the operator shakes the handle. Triggers control motion of mouth and eyes. The dinosaur eyes will blink while you pull the left trigger. And mouth will open while you pull the right trigger.

Dinosaur Costume Production

Step 1

Steel Framedinosaur-costume-frame

Steel frame and cables constitute its mechanical system. They are bones and tendons of the dinosaur suit. A better mechanical frame make your operation more flexible.

Step 2


This step is to stick high strength sponge on steel frame then cut the sponges to dinosaur shape. Sponges constitute the muscle of dinosaur.

Step 3

dinosaur-costume-after-cultivatedWith Texture

Muscle texture have a big influence of dinosaur appearance. Our skillful workers will patiently draw on sponge to make a realistic Muscle texture.

Step 4


This step is to stick silk on sponge, which is a idea material with high elasticity and strength. Skin Grafting is directly determined the final outlooking of dinosaurs and strength of dinosaur skin. Now we developed a new 3D printed material instead of silk. A dinosaur costume with new material have much more skin details than old one.

Step 5

before-paintedAfter Painted

Painting is a important step which also directly determined dinosaur appearance. Besides it also a highly customizable step for clients. A special skin color design will easily separate your dinosaur suit form others’.

Step 6


Dinosaur costume need be packed carefully after clients confirmed they are satisfied with our works. We wrap it with plastic foam then put it in box. The package will prevent dinosaur suits from scratching and squeezing in transportation.

Dinosaur costume-A hot Attraction

It always be the most attractive prop in parks. Children and their parents get excited to see it, take photos with it, interact with it.

A dinosaur costume will draw a lot of people’s attention, take them to you and improve your business.

Let our dinosaur costume help you making more money.

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How Can I Make Profit From It?

Rent for Parties

Rent it for people who are going to hold a Jurassic party, birthday party, Masquerade, they will be excited to dress it.


Charge for Photograph

Take your dinosaur costume to amusement park, charge from tourists when they take photo with it.


Stage Show

Hold a dinosaur theme stage show in theme park or theater and sell tickets to audiences.


Street Performance

Performing with it on street to attract people to your business-Park, playground, shop, theater etc.


Our Classic Cases

The praise from clients is the best evidence of our work. There are some feedback for our group (www.dinomake.com is belong to KANOSAUR Group)

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customers rating

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