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Animatronic Octopus Monster

We made an animatronic Octopus Monster. It is created according to the monster in legends.

Did you hear the octopus monster? It had appeared in the fairy tales since the Middle Ages.

octopus monster

octopus monster

In those fairy tales, it would attack the merchant ship and eat the sailors.

There are a lot of merchant ships that disappeared in oceans without any signal in the Great sailing era. We don’t know anything about them, they might be killed by pirates, hurricanes, submerged rocks or monsters… Everything is possible, some of the accidents were explained as monsters attacking.

Therefore, the fairy tales related to those ocean monsters are well-known.

The Octopus monster we made is a custom animatronic made for a monster theme park.

Animatronic Octopus Monster

Octopus Monster

Animatronic Octopus Monster

Animatronic Octopus back

Our artists well painted so the client who bought it is very satisfied.

According to his demand, the monster statue is designed to be dynamic. It can move all the tentacles, mouth, eyes and make the voice of monsters.

Animatronic Octopus Monster

Animatronic Octopus

Video of the animatronic octopus monster

We always provide high-quality custom animatronics monster for the theme park, haunted house.

Please contact us anytime you need our help.

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