When The Teddy Bears Meet Animatronic Dinosaurs

Teddy bears and dinosaurs sound there is not any connection to them at all. But, one of our clients wants to build a museum about them.

That sounds a little crazy, but also interesting. And, whatever, it is the choice of our clients. Our mission is to help him get what he wants.

We made a group of famous animatronic dinosaurs for him and designed the scene about them.

The giant animatronic dinosaurs lived together with teddy bears.


Teddy bears play around an animatronic stegosaurus

Look! Two teddy bears are sitting on the back of an animatronic Parasaurolophus just like human beings ride on the horse.

Teddy bear ride on Parasaurolophus

Teddy bear ride on Parasaurolophus

They also ride on an animatronic triceratops.


Teddy bear ride on Triceratops

The huge scale animatronic Brachiosaurus is their swing, a teddy bear is playing with the swing happily.


Teddy bear use the neck of Brachiosaurus as swing

An animatronic Stegosaurus is walking around their tents.


Stegosaurus walk around the tents of teddy bears

A teddy bear looks so scared, an animatronic t-rex walks towards her, in fact, it is harmless.


T-rex walk towards a teddy bear which is scared

It is an interesting dinosaur museum right? Absolutely, children will like it.

We will always help people build their special dinosaur museum, even it is strange. Please feel free to contact us anytime you need our help.