We Made A Water Spraying Animatrnic Dilophosaurus

Animatronic Dilophosaurus for Amusement Park

Animatronic Dilophosaurus for Amusement Park

Animatronic Dilophosaurus is widely seen in dinosaur theme park, right?

But, we just made a 3m water spraying animatronic Dilophosaurus statue.

water spraying animatronic Dilophosaurus

Yes. I’m the Water Spraying Dilophosaurus

One of our clients want it realistic and attractive. And he mentioned the Dilophosaurus which spray venom in film Jurassic Park. The annoying fat man Dennis Nedry was killed by the Dilophosaurus. So horrible(pleasant lol), I mean.

Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park

Hi, guy! Take some venom!

Dennis Nedry

Oh, my god

Of course, we are not intend to make any venom spraying animatronic which might hurt visitors. So we make it spraying water instead.

Animatronic Dilophosaurus spraying water

Animatronic Dilophosaurus spraying water

This animatronic Dilophosaurus is pre-programmed to spraying water per 2 minute. A flexible tube inside will supply water it sprayed. It can automatically works for all time or infrared sensing and controlled. With the infrared controlling system, it won’t spray water unless people come across.

Dilophosaurus in workshop

Dilophosaurus in workshop

We will always keep to make interesting animatronics and dinosaur products. Hope you will like it.

Video of the Water Spraying Dilophosaurus

We provide all kinds of customized animatronic dinosaurs. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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