The Most Famous Blue Raptor Dinosaur Costume

The Velociraptor name “Blue” is a special raptor appeared in film Jurassic World.

velociraptor blue

Yes, I’m the Blue

Blue has bluish-gray skin with a white stripe with metallic blue in the middle going horizontally from her eye orbit, with one side has blue around the eye , while the other side’s stripe stop so at the head.

Now, it is the most famous raptor in the world. People are attracted by its intelligence and loyalty to the Owen Grady who feed it.

blue raptor


At the end of film Jurassic world, Blue lead another 2 Velociraptors fought against the Indominus rex, to protect their feeder and only the Blue survived. And the Indominus rex was finally killed by the cooperation of Blue, T-rex and Mosasaurus.

Toys of Blue raptor are popular because of the film. But, did you imagined some thing special?

Yes. I’m talking about the Blue raptor costume. It is a mechanical puppet of Blue raptor, controlled by the cable-pulled device inside. Operator obverse what happened outside through a mini HD camera and screen in the suit.

The blue raptor costume

The blue raptor costume

Video of Blue Raptor Costume

With this Velociraptor costume, performers can interact with audiences around. Therefore performers can flexibly use it to attract people’s attention.

blue raptor costume


In fact, the performance of dinosaur costume always surrounded by a group of eager faces. People love them so much.

So, it is a good idea to have one of the dinosaur suits, if you are trying to make money form some street or stage shows.

And have a Blue raptor costume should be better than have an unknown dinosaur costume. People are more care about things they were familiar to, right?

As for the Blue Velociraptor costume, we made a lot.

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