What? The dinosaur skeletons displaying museums are fake?

Dinosaur Museum is a very magical place, collecting and displaying a variety of dinosaur fossil skeletons, as well as some animatronic dinosaur models. People are always curious about the unknown. Dinosaurs, which have been extinct for over 60 million years, attract us to explore and discover.

dinosaur skeleton in the museum

In the dinosaur museum, we can observe the dinosaur fossils at close range and learn special knowledge about dinosaurs. But do you know the dinosaur fossils in the dinosaur museum are fake?

Why is the fossil skeleton displaying in the dinosaur museums are fake?

In fact, dinosaur fossils in dinosaur museums are replaced by artificial dinosaur fossils.

dinosaur skeleton

what you have seen in the museum is an artificial dinosaur skeleton

The artificial dinosaur fossils are cheaper, lifelike and durable. They are more suitable for exhibition and viewing than real dinosaur fossils. Real dinosaur fossils will be weathered, exposed to the air for a long time, the shape of the real dinosaur skeleton is gradually disappearing.

Dinosaur fossils are stones with a heavyweight. If we use real dinosaur fossils to form dinosaur skeletons in museums, we need to use a large number of supports and do a good job of surrounding protection measures.

dinosaur fossil

artificial dinosaur fossils on installation

The dinosaur fossil skeleton made by simulation technology is very portable. We only need to support it with some wire and steel frame, which is more secure.

Real dinosaur fossils have high scientific research value, through the study of dinosaur fossils, we can solve many difficult problems, get a better understanding of the dinosaur era.

dinosaur fossil Real dinosaur fossils are very precious. They can’t be used for exhibition and viewing alone. So it’s a very wise choice to replace it with a artificial dinosaur fossil.

real dinosaur fossil

real dinosaur fossil

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