Realistic Animal Replica In Nature Museum

animal museum

The nature museum

Wild animals are fantastic for people, especially for those animal lovers like me. Nowadays,  I visited a nature museum in Chengdu city, where our company located at.

It was an amazing journey, I had seen a lot of realistic animals here. In fact, they are not alive animals but lifelike replicas.

I was excited, they are just like old friends of mine—I’ve been to Africa and saw a lot of wild animals here.

Now, let me show you some awesome animal statues here.

The two lifelike giraffes specimen is so tall, I estimated it was about 4 meters in height.

Giraffe replica

Giraffe replica

A group of lifelike African oryx.

oryx specimen

Oryx specimen

Realistic boar statue.


Boar replica

Hippopotamus lifelike statues nearby the water pond.

Realistic hippopotamus

Realistic hippopotamus

A lifelike female lion on the rock.

Realistic female lion

Realistic female lion

Realistic rhino.

Realistic rhino

Realistic rhino

Wild zebra.

Realistic zebra

Realistic zebra

All the animal replicas are so realistic that we can’t find out they’re not alive animals if they are not static.

What if we make those specimens dynamic?

But it is impossible. Because the raw material of the specimen is without good flexibility, they will break when moving.

That’s why we make animatronic animals when we need them to be dynamic.

What’s the difference between animatronic animals and the specimen?

The most important difference is the main raw material of animatronic animals are artificial while the specimen use real fur.

There is no need to harm any animals when we manufacturing realistic animatronic animals. That’s why more and more museums and theme parks choose animatronic animals as an exhibit.

We hope the owners of museums could consider animatronic animals as a choice when they purchase the exhibit.

There is a video of some animatronic animals we made.

We provide all kinds of customized animatronic animals, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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