Project Description

Walking T rex
Walking T rex
Walking T rex

Parameter of walking T rex

TypeWalking T rex
Dinosaur speciesTyrannosaurus
Suitable ageKids over 3 year old
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Power typeBattery

What’s the Walking T rex animatronic?

It is an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex with wheels. Unlike the herbivorous dinosaurs model, it has a base to keep balance while it moving.


Walking-T-rex animatronic



What’s the control model of walking t-rex?

It is remote controlled by an operator while tourists riding it. We also provide a huge type of walking t-rex, which is driven by a car.

Where is the walking t-rex applied for?

It is popular by audiences in the theme park, playground, and dinosaur theme events.

Another walking dinosaurs

We provide walking dinosaur of Triceratops, Ankylosaurus,T-rex, etc.