Project Description

Triceratops in sick

Triceratops in Jurassic Park

2 man operated Triceratops Costume

Do you get tired of Carnivorous dinosaur costume? Animatronic suits of those two legs predators are usually seen in amusement park. But did you see any of sauropod herbivorous dinosaur suit in theme park? Unlike human being, many herbivorous dinosaur walking on 4 feet. Their costume, a Triceratops costume for example, need 2 operators for performing. So the suit should be with different structure form normal dinosaur suit.

Details of Triceratops walking dinosaur costume

Triceratops costume

Triceratops walking dinosaur costume

Triceratops costume

Triceratops costume

TypeTriceratops walking dinosaur costume
Skin ColorBrown
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move

Developing a new type walking Triceratops costume

To meet the demand of the market, we decided to develop a new type of walking Triceratops costume. Two men will dress in a suit and walk upright. The front operator mainly controls the motions of the suit. After improving the Triceratops suit for several times, the final product is working well–not hot, lightweight and flexible.

The new attraction dinosaur costume

Realistic Triceratops costumes are widely used as props of the dinosaur stage show, a show about t-rex combating with Triceratops for example. Triceratops costume is a new attraction in amusement park, a good choice to draw people’s attention in the dinosaur park. And it can also be used as educational equipment for schools and national museums.

Another animatronic costume we made

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