Project Description

Walking Ankylosaurus
Walking Ankylosaurus
Walking Ankylosaurus

Parameter of walking Ankylosaurus

TypeWalking Ankylosaurus
Dinosaur speciesAnkylosaurus
Suitable ageKids over 3 year old
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Power typeBattery

What’s the Walking Ankylosaurus?

It is an animatronic Ankylosaurus made according to model of this kind dinosaur, tourists ride on walking Ankylosaurus can travel in the park.

Walking Ankylosaurus

Walking Ankylosaurus

How to use the walking Ankylosaurus?

After fasten the seat belt on walking dinosaurs, you can start and ride it. The T-handle on dinosaur neck controlled direction of your movement. To keep your safety, the walking speed is slow, change the direction slowly while you need.

How can I make profits from the walking Ankylosaurus?

Owners can charge money from tourists while they riding it. We can install a coin acceptor on dinosaur,  tourists buy coins from owners. Some owner also charge from photographing, tourists take photos with walking dinosaur after paying a little money . In short, it is profitable.

Another walking dinosaurs

We provide walking dinosaur of Triceratops, Ankylosaurus,T rex etc.