Project Description

Talking Tree
Talking Tree
Talking Tree
talking tree

Talking tree in park

What’s the animatronic talking tree?

Talking tree is a fairy tale plant from ancient Greek legends. The animatronic talking tree is a amusement prop with the ability of speaking. It can make expressions and move braches while speaking or playing music.

Details of animatronic talking tree

animatronic talking tree

animatronic speaking tree

talking tree right

right side

talking tree left

left side

TypeAnimatronic Talking Tree
Creature SpeciesTalking Tree
PowerAC, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
MotionEyes Blink
Branches Swing
Mouth Open
Eyebrow Move

What’s the application of the animatronic talking tree?

It is widely applied as an attraction in the amusement park and children playground. It always attracts a lot of people to visit and bring business to owners.

Can I make a custom talking tree?

Yes, you can choose the image, the music you want. We also provide other animatronic plants.

Video of the speaking tree

Another interesting animatronic you made?

We had made a lot of customized animatronic, for example–Animatronic Dragon, Animatronic Creatures, Animatronic Snow Monster, Animatronic Chomper, Animatronic Snowman, etc.