Project Description

T Rex Skeleton
T Rex Skeleton
T Rex Skeleton
T Rex Skeleton
T Rex Skeleton
T Rex Skeleton Display in Museum

T Rex artificial fossil Display in Museum

What’s the t-rex skeleton?

It is a artificial specimen of t-rex skeleton which is made according the real scientific discovery of Tyrannosaurus fossils.

Details of T Rex Skeleton

T-Rex Skeleton

T-Rex fossil 1:1 scale model

T-Rex Skeleton

T-Rex fossil replica

TypeT Rex fossil replica
Dinosaur SpeciesTyrannosaurus Rex

What’s the advantage of your t-rex 1:1 scale skeleton?

  1. Unlike the incomplete real fossil, our t-rex fossil is complete.
  2. Our dinosaur fossil made by high strength material. It can display in the public place for a long time.
  3. All our dinosaur skeleton is made according to a real dinosaur skeleton model and carefully made by hand.

What’s the application of your t-rex life-size skeleton?

Our artificial dinosaur skeleton is applied as exhibits in the national museum, dinosaur theme park, personal collection and shopping mall, etc.

T-Rex Skeleton

T-Rex realistic Skeleton

Do you have other dinosaur skeleton species for choose?

Yes, we also provide Velociraptor Skeleton, Spinosaurus Skeleton, Triceratops Skeleton, Stegosaurus Skeleton, Brachiosaurus Skeleton, etc.