Project Description

T rex ride
T rex ride
T rex ride

Parameter of T rex ride

TypeT rex ride
Dinosaur speciesTyrannosaurus rex
Suitable ageKids over 3 year old
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Voltage220V/110V 50/60Hz

What’s  the t-rex ride ?

T-rex ride is a kind of animatronic dinosaur ride, created according to the image of Tyrannosaurus Rex. To make it suitable for kids riding, we decreased its size to 3-5 meters in length.

T-rex ride

T-rex animatronic in the workshop

T-rex ride

T-rex amusement equipment

T-rex ride

T-rex lifelike animatronic

T-rex ride

What’s the application?

It is used as an interactive prop in a dinosaur theme park and other places that need an interactive dinosaur prop. For example, prehistoric park, shopping mall, playground etc.

T rex ride

T rex dinosaur  in the park

Why should we make it?

It is not enough for a dinosaur park that only has animatronic dinosaurs for display. To make tourists have a more impressive travel feeling in the park, we need some props they can interact with.

T rex ride for playground

Happy kids with T-rex

What’s the function of animatronic t-rex ride?

Coin operated working mode. Riding dinosaur event in park is a charged event, tourists buy the coin from owners to activate the dinosaur rides.

Dynamic motions of the dinosaur. We always designed motions for dinosaur rides. Firstly, to make it more realistic. Secondly, to make it interesting. Motions including–eyes blinking, mouth moving, limbs mobbing, breathing, shaking of the body(shaking like a mechanical bull).

Voice and music. We provide several kinds of dinosaur voices with a different emotion. Besides we also provide some cheerful music that gives kids a better riding experience.

Dinosaur species for choose?

The dinosaur species are customized. Theoretically, all kinds of dinosaur are available. In fact, we always choose the image of theropod dinosaur, such as t-rex, Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, etc. Besides, Triceratops ride is also popular.