Project Description

T rex hand puppet
T rex hand puppet
T rex hand puppet

What’s the T rex hand puppet?

t rex hand puppet

T rex dinosaur hand puppet for street show

It is a mechanical hand puppet of T-rex which is widely used as a performing equipment in dinosaur show.

Details of t rex puppet

T-rex hand puppet

T-rex puppet

T-rex hand puppet

T-rex puppet

TypeT rex puppet
Dinosaur SpeciesTyrannosaurus
MotionMouth Open
Eyes Blink
Head Move

How to control the t rex puppet?

There are cable-pulled devices inside the puppet. A handle with trigger controls the motions of t-rex puppet. Pull triggers will let the puppet make the corresponding action.

What’s the application of t-rex puppet?

It is popular by the audience of dinosaur theme parks, Jurassic parties, dinosaur traveling show, etc.

Another dinosaur hand puppet we made

Dinosaur hand puppet we made including–raptor hand puppet, triceratops hand puppet, Brachiosaurus hand puppet, etc.