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t rex animatronic
t rex animatronic
t rex animatronic
t rex animatronic

About Tyrannosaurus rex

t rex animatronic

Tyrannosaurus rex

Wikipedia of t-rex
T-rex also called Tyrannosaurus rex, is one of the most well-known large theropods Tyrannosaurus lived throughout what is now western North America. Fossils of Tyrannosaurus  widely found in The US and Canada. It was one of the most large predators lived in the prehistoric world. T-rex lived in late Cretaceous Period, it is one of last extinction dinosaur.

Parameter of t rex animatronic

TypeAnimatronic Tyrannosaurus rex
Skin ColorLight Brown
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move
Tail Swing
Limbs move
Stomach Breath

Image of t rex animatronic

t rex replica

Realistic t-rex replica in the workshop

animatronic dinosaur

All the skin details are carefully carved and painted

Tyrannosaurus rex in pop culture

Now Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the best-known dinosaurs because of the popular culture. T-rex is the absolutely leading role in Jurassic Park Trilogy and Jurassic World.

animatronic t rex

Application of T rex animatronic

Our T-rex statues are robotic models rebuild from the scientific discovery of Tyrannosaurus fossils. Besides we also made t rex replica according to mass culture to meet the demands of the market.

T rex ;arge scale model

Even the scars are so realistic

Video of the t-rex

Another animatronic dinosaur for sale?

Yes. We have made hundred species of animatronic dinosaurs, such as Animatronic SpinosaurusAnimatronic Velociraptor, Animatronic Triceratops, Animatronic Ankylosaurus , Animatronic Brachiosaurus