Project Description

Stamping Dinosaur
Stamping Dinosaur
Stamping Dinosaur
Stamping Dinosaur
Stamping Dinosaur

Parameter of  Stamping Dinosaur

TypeStamping Dinosaur
Dinosaur speciesTyrannosaurus rex
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Voltage220V/110V 50/60Hz

What’s the stamping dinosaur?

It is an animatronic dinosaur model with a stamp on hand, which will stamp a commemorative stamp on tourists’ tickets or postcards etc.

Stamping Dinosaur

Stamping robotic model dinosaur

Stamping Dinosaur

Stamping animatronic Dinosaur

What’s the function of the stamping dinosaur?

It makes people’s traveling to your theme park more commemorative, which will be improved the repurchase rate of tickets.

What’s the application?

It is suitable for the theme park, dinosaur traveling exhibition, museum, etc.

Do you have other interactive dinosaurs?

Yes, we provide a lot of interactive dinosaurs to make your theme park funnier. Those interactive dinosaurs including–dinosaur rides, dinosaur scooters, dinosaur bands, dinosaur hand puppet, walking dinosaurhuge animatronic dinosaur egg, etc.