Project Description

Spinosaurus Skeleton
Spinosaurus Skeleton
Spinosaurus Skeleton
Spinosaurus Skeleton
Spinosaurus Skeleton

Spinosaurus fossils display in museum

What’s the Spinosaurus skeleton?

It is a artificial dinosaur fossil replica of Spinosaurus, which is the largest carnivorous dinosaur during Cretaceous period.

Details of Spinosaurus Skeleton

Spinosaurus Skeleton

Spinosaurus fossil replica

Spinosaurus Skeleton

Spinosaurus bones replica

TypeSpinosaurus 1:1 Skeleton
Dinosaur SpeciesSpinosaurus

How did you make the Spinosaurus artificial skeleton?

All our dinosaur fossils are modeling according to real scientific discovery and evidence. The fossil of Spinosaurus is rarely discovered and the biggest one was destroyed in Great war 2. Therefore, we mainly make it according to research form paleontologists.

Spinosaurus Skeleton

Spinosaurus fossils

What’s the advantage of your Spinosaurus skeleton?

1.Complete. Unlike the residual fossil of Spinosaurus, our Spinosaurus skeleton is complete. So it will show audiences more detail about this species dinosaur.

2.Durable. Our dinosaur fossil made by high strength material-fiberglass and resin etc. It can display in public places for a long time without damage.

3.Realistic. All our dinosaur skeleton is hand made according to the real dinosaur skeleton model. The makers are artists and workers with over 5-year rich experiences.

What’s the application of your Spinosaurus bones?

Our artificial dinosaur skeleton is applied as exhibits in the national museum, prehistoric museum, dinosaur theme park, shopping mall, etc. Besides, it is also popular with personal collectors.

Do you have other dinosaur skeleton species for choose?

Yes, we also provide T-rex Skeleton, Velociraptor Skeleton, Triceratops Skeleton, Stegosaurus Skeleton, Brachiosaurus Skeleton, etc.