Project Description

Predator Costume
Predator Costume
Predator Costume
Predator image

Predator-the bloody alien warrior

What’s the realistic predator costume?

Predator is a famous alien character which is experienced hunter and bloody killer came form the film-Predator.

The realistic predator costume we made is a animatronic prop, which performer wears to cosplay predator.

Details of Predator Costume

Predator Costume

Predator Costume

TypePredator Costume
Creature SpeciesPredator
Control ModeHand Operated
MaterialSilicone Rubber and plastic

What’s the application of realistic predator costume?

Predator costume is popular by players who enjoy join the cosplay parties. Besides, it is also a attractive props for street show, theme exhibitions. Some predator culture lovers also purchase it as personal collection.

How can I get the predator costume in mind?

Show us the image of predator you want, we will made it according your demand.

Can you make another animatronic suits?

Yes, of course. We also provide dinosaur costumes, gorilla costume, dragon costume, predator costume etc. And, we are struggle on develop new animatronic props to meet the demand of clients. Just tell us what you want, we can have a try .