Project Description

triceratops dinosaur costume
triceratops dinosaur costume
triceratops dinosaur costume
triceratops dinosaur costume
triceratops dinosaur costume

New Material Triceratops Costume

TypeTriceratops Costume
Dinosaur SpeciesTriceratops
Skin ColorGrey
motionsEyes Open
Mouth Move
Head Move

What’s the new material Tricertops costume?

It is a two-men operated dinosaur costume made with our new advanced 3D printed material.

Comparing with the old one this new material is higher strength, lighter and more realistic. It means great progress of the dinosaur animatronic industry.

Only a few manufacturers in this field start applying this new material on their products and less of them have mature skills and products.

Until now, we had applied this new material on our new material blue costume, t-rex costume.

dinosaur costume adult

This new material triceratops costume is very easy to operate

New material dinosaur costume

New material makes the suits more realistic

Video of the Triceatops suit

The triceratops suit is very simple to operate. It is not necessary for any training.

Performer at the front makes most motions–eyes blinking, mouth opening, voices– while the second one just needs fellow his steps.

Our suit fits most of the body size, but it will be better to confirm it with us when you purchasing it.

triceratops dinosaur costume

When you see a giant dinosaur walking around your yard, don’t be afraid it might be our suit

triceratops dinosaur costume

You are welcome to contact us for help when you want any of dinosaur animatronics.