Project Description

hidden leg blue costume
hidden leg blue costume
hidden leg blue costume
hidden leg blue costume
Intelligent raptors

Intelligent raptors in Jurassic Park3

What’s hidden legs dinosaur costume?

Hidden legs dinosaur costume is a realistic raptor costume that full covered operators, so the audience will not see their legs. It provide a more lifelike performance for the dinosaur show. Therefore, since we created hidden leg dinosaur costume, more and more clients buy it for their show.

Details of hidden legs raptor costume

hidden leg blue suit

hidden leg blue suit

hidden leg blue suit

hidden leg blue suit

TypeHidden Legs Raptor Costume
Skin ColorDark Blue
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move

How to operate the hidden leg raptor costume?

There is a handle connected with cable-pulled devices to control the motions of dinosaur costume. When operators shake the handle, dinosaur head fellow the movement.  Normally, there are 2 triggers on the handle. Left one trigger control eyes, and the right one for the mouth.

How did you make those raptor costume?

There is a whole animatronic puppet manufacturing industry in Zigong city. Raptor costume just a representative of them, and we have rich experience to make such an animatronic dinosaur prop.

Once we accept order form customers, we will design the image that meets their demand. The important features including—dinosaur shape, skin color, feather color(if it is feathered) eyes, etc.

Then we will decide the size of the suit, considering the body size of the operators. Usually, Europeans and Americans have a bigger body size than Asians. To make the costume suitable for them, the size of the costume should be different.

The next steps are left to artists and workers—steel frame making, body shaping, skin carving, colored, testing …

About half a month, a new dinosaur suit will be finished.

hidden leg blue suit

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