Project Description

Gronckle Scooter
Gronckle Scooter
Gronckle Scooter
Gronckle Scooter

Parameter of Triceratops scooter

TypeTriceratops Scooter
Suitable ageKids over 3 year old
Option functionMusic
Flash light
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Working time6-8h

What’s the Gronckle scooter?

It is a battery operated animal ride made according the image of Gronckle dragon, which is a fiction dragon creature in How To Train Your Dragon.

Gronckle Scooter

Gronckle Scooter

Gronckle Scooter

Gronckle Scooter

What’re the features of Gronckle scooter?

1.Carefully hand made.

2.Cheerful music and colorful flashlight.

3.Durable quality and waterproof material.

How Can I make a customized scooter?

It is simple to customized your own scooter. Contact us and send the design you want, we will make the special battery operated animal rides as you demand.

What’s the application of electric animal rides for sale?

Those customized battery operated animal rides for the theme park, amusement park, playground, shopping mall, etc.

Do you have another animation character rides?

Yes, we provide another character rides from animation like–Fox Scooter, Rabbit Scooter, Sloth Scooter, Hideous Zippleback scooter, Toothless Scooter, Monstrous Nightmare Scooter, etc. How to train your dragon etc.