Project Description

dragon costume
dragon costume
dragon costume
dragon in film

Dragon in Game of Thrones

Dragon the mysterious creature in globe legendary

Dragon, mysterious creature in legendary, is appeared in culture of most nationality. The most well-known dragon image should be the western dragon image which mainly created in Europe during the Middle Ages. And the image of Chinese dragon is also famous, especially in Asian cultural circle, Chinese used to call themselves Dragon’s successor.

Details of dragon costume

dragon costume

performance with the dragon suit

Dragon costume

Dragon with beauty

TypeDragon costume
Skin ColorBrown
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move

Realistic dragon costume bring the fantasy creature to reality

The realistic dragon suits usually be made according to the image of a western dragon. Because of the huge influence of films like The Hobbit, and TV series of Game of Thrones, dragon derivatives are very popular by people now. Dragon costume is a new attraction to catch people’s attention, it brings this fantasy creature to reality.

New features of dragon suits

To draw people’s attention, we add some new customized features to the dragon suits. For example, spraying smoke, waving wings, flashlight in mouth and eyes, etc.

Application of dragon suits

As amusement equipment, animatronic dragon costumes are widely applied in the theme parks, traveling exhibition, street show, celebration party, etc.

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