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Animatronic Protoceratops
Animatronic Protoceratops
Animatronic Protoceratops

About Protoceratops



Wikipedia of Protoceratops
Protoceratops means “first horned face” in Greek. It is a genus of sheep-sized (1.8 m long) herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur, lived in Upper Cretaceous period of what is now Mongolia. Protoceratops was a quadrupedal dinosaur that was partially characterized by its distinctive neck frill at the back of its skull.

Parameter of Animatronic Protoceratops

TypeAnimatronic Protoceratops
Skin ColorLight Green
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move
Tail Swing
Limbs move
Stomach Breath

Image of Animatronic Protoceratops dinosaur realistic model

Animatronic Protoceratops

Protoceratops dinosaur realistic model for park decoration

Animatronic Protoceratops

Animatronic Protoceratops

Protoceratops in pop culture

There is a famous dinosaur fossil found in Mongolia, that a velociraptor fight with a Protoceratops. Usually, paleontologists thought they were died at the same time because of a sand storm or buried by sand dune collapse.

Application of Protoceratops dinosaur realistic model

Animatronic Protoceratops dinosaur realistic models we made are widely used as exhibits in the theme park, science museum, exhibition, etc.

Another animatronic dinosaur for sale?

Yes. We have made hundred species of animatronic dinosaur, such as Animatronic Parasaurolophus, Animatronic Pterosaurs, Animatronic Allosaurus, Animatronic Amargasaurus, Animatronic Styracosaurus, Animatronic Iguanodon, Animatronic Argentinosaurus