Project Description

Dilophosaurus ride
Dilophosaurus ride
Dilophosaurus ride
Dilophosaurus ride

Parameter of Dilophosaurus ride

TypeDilophosaurus ride
Dinosaur speciesDilophosaurus
Suitable ageKids over 3 year old
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Voltage220V/110V 50/60Hz

What’s the Dilophosaurus realistic dinosaur ride?

It is a realistic dinosaur ride made according to the image of Dilophosaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur with a pair of longitudinal, plate-shaped crests on head. This ride on the animatronic prop is used for amusement park, give kids an interactive experience with dinosaurs.

Dilophosaurus ride

Dilophosaurus ride

Dilophosaurus ride

Dilophosaurus ride

What’s the effect of realistic dinosaur rides?

Dinosaur ride is an interactive amusement equipment for dinosaur theme park and playground. Tourists always need a place to have fun when they take their children to the park. When naughty children focus on riding the dinosaurs, their parents will get some precious leisure time. So it is necessary to have some dinosaur rides in the park or the shipping mall.

What’s the function of Dilophosaurus ride?

Coin operated working mode. Tourists buy coins form owners, then use coin start the dinosaur rides.

Dinosaur motions. Unlike the amusement rides that only shaking, the Dilophosaurus ride has more lifelike motions: eyes blinking, mouth moving, tail swing, forelimb moving, breathing…

Music or dinosaur voice. Cheerful music makes children happy, and the vivid dinosaur roaring makes them excited.

Dinosaur species for choose?

The dinosaur species are customized. Theoretically, all kinds of dinosaur is available. In fact, we always choose the image of theropod dinosaur, such as t-rex, Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, etc. Besides, Triceratops ride is also popular.