Project Description

Blue raptor hand puppet
Blue raptor hand puppet
Blue raptor hand puppet
dinosaur hand puppet

Stage show with dinosaur hand puppet

What’s dinosaur hand puppet?

It is a mechanical hand puppet of dinosaurs, usually we provide dinosaur puppet for famous dinosaurs, t-rex, raptor, triceratops etc.

The Blue raptor puppet

It is a animatronic hand puppet of the Blue raptor, which is a leading role in film Jurassic World, a raptor trained by the male lead.

Blue raptor hand puppet

Blue Velociraptor hand puppet

Blue raptor hand puppet

Blue raptor puppet

TypeBlue raptor hand puppet
Dinosaur SpeciesBlue raptor
MotionMouth Open
Eyes Blink
Head Move

How to control the raptor puppet?

There is a handle inside the puppet, triggers on handle connected with the eyes and mouth of the puppet by cable-pulled devices. The dinosaur puppet will blink eyes and open mouth while operators pull the triggers.

What’s the function?

Dinosaur hand puppet performing is a good method to interact with tourists in the amusement park. It is lightweight and simple to operate.

What’s the application?

It is widely applied to the theme park, dinosaur stage show, Jurassic parties, etc.

Another dinosaur hand puppet we made

Dinosaur hand puppet we made including–raptor hand puppet, t-rex hand puppet, triceratops hand puppet, Brachiosaurus hand puppet, etc.