Project Description

blue raptor costume
blue raptor costume
blue raptor costume
blue raptor costume

Story about blue raptor

blue raptor

Blue Raptor in Jurassic World

The Blue raptor is a created 3D modeling animation character in film Jurassic Word 1 and 2. It firstly appeared in Jurassic World. There are four raptor in the film, Blue, Echo, Delta, Charlie, Blue is the leader of other three raptor. All of them trained by the male leading role-Owen Grady.

At the end of the film, Echo and Delta were killed by the Indominus rex, Blue avenged their death by joining in the battle with Jurassic World’s Tyrannosaurus, and forcing the Indominus rex towards the Jurassic World Lagoon. Finally, the I.rex was dragged to lagoon and killed by the Mosasaurus. And it also showed on the Jurassic World 2:  Fallen Kingdom.

Details of Blue Raptor Costume

blue raptor costume

New material blue suit

blue raptor costume

blue raptor suit in the workshop

TypeBlue Raptor Costume
Skin ColorDark Blue
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move

Application of Blue raptor costume

The Blue raptor is now a film pop star, because of its performance in the film . Therefore blue raptor costume is popular by audiences of the theme park, Jurassic parties, street show, and dinosaur lovers.

Feature of Blue velociraptor suit

To make the blue raptor suit more realistic, we adopted a new kind of material-a 3D printed flexible material. Compare with the elder edition of raptor suit, the advanced new raptor suit is with richer skin details and lighter.

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