Project Description

Ankylosaurus Laying egg
Ankylosaurus Laying egg
Ankylosaurus Laying egg

Parameter of Laying egg Ankylosaurus

TypeLaying egg Ankylosaurus
Dinosaur speciesAnkylosaurus
FunctionLaying egg
Control modeCoin operated
Remote control
Voltage220V/110V 50/60Hz

What’s the  Ankylosaurus Laying egg?

It is an animatronic Ankylosaurus with the ability to “lay eggs”. Ankylosaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur who lived in the late Cretaceous Period.

Ankylosaurus Laying egg

Ankylosaurus Laying egg

The function of laying egg Ankylosaurus

To sell dinosaur souvenirs. When tourists put a coin in, it will sit down and lay a dinosaur egg. In fact, the dinosaur eggs are dinosaur souvenirs for kids.

What’s the application?

It is a piece of necessary amusement equipment in dinosaur theme park, amusement park, museum, shop of dinosaur souvenirs.

Another laying egg dinosaur

We had made laying egg animatronic dinosaur of Spinosaurus, Styracosaurus , Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, etc.