Project Description

Animatronic White Tiger
Animatronic White Tiger
Animatronic White Tiger
Animatronic White Tiger
Animatronic White Tiger

White Bengal Tiger


Special white tiger

White tiger pigmentation variant of the Bengal tiger, which is found in India in 1951. Such a tiger has the black stripes typical of the Bengal tiger, but carries a white or near-white coat.

Details of Animatronic white tiger

TypeAnimatronic White Tiger
Animal SpeciesBengal White Tiger
ColorWhite and Black
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Move
Tail Swing
MaterialSilicone, rubber, steel, electric motor, fake fur, etc.

Animatronic Tiger

White Animatronic tiger

Animatronic Tiger

White Animatronic tiger back

The symbolic meaning of  the white tiger

The white tiger is thought to be a mythical animal in Chinese culture. According to the Chinese ancient fairy tale said it will only appear when the world in peace and florescence.

Animatronic Tiger

Animatronic Tiger

Animatronic white tiger

It is an animatronic model of the white tiger that made for museum exhibitions. Animatronic white tiger is dynamic and with motions of eyes blinking, mouth opening, limbs moving, breathing, etc.

Another animatronic animal we made

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