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Velociraptor statue
Velociraptor statue
Velociraptor statue
Velociraptor statue

About Velociraptor

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Wikipedia of Velociraptor

Velociraptor (“swift robber” in Latin) also called raptor, it is a genus dromaeosaurids carnivorous dinosaur lived in late Cretaceous period (approximately 75 to 71 million years ago). The fossil of raptor founded in Mongolia shows that it is small size (smaller than 2m, like a turkey) and feathered.

Parameter of animatronic velociraptor

TypeAnimatronic Velociraptor
Skin ColorLight Yellow
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move
Tail Swing
Limbs move
Stomach Breath

Image of mechanical velociraptor

animatronic velociraptor

Robotic Velociraptor in the factory

animatronic velociraptor

3m mechanical velociraptor

Velociraptor in pop culture

Velociraptor in Jurassic Park made this kind of dromaeosaurids well known by audiences. In fact, the Velociraptor role in Jurassic Park is designed according to Deinonychus which is another important member of Dromaeosaurinae. The author of Jurassic Park novel, Michael Crichton had explained that he uses the name of Velociraptor because it’s “more dramatic”.

animatronic velociraptor

Realistic velociraptor

Application of lifelike velociraptor

Anyway, Jurassic Park film has a huge influence on people cognition of raptor. Therefore the animatronic raptor we made is normally modeled from Deinonychus, except animatronic raptor for a science museum.

animatronic velociraptor

life size velociraptor

Another animatronic dinosaur for sale?

Yes. We have made hundred species of animatronic dinosaurs, such as Animatronic T-rex, Animatronic Spinosaurus, Animatronic Triceratops, Animatronic Ankylosaurus, Animatronic Stegosaurus, Animatronic Brachiosaurus