Project Description

Animatronic Sea Creature
Animatronic Sea Creature
Animatronic Sea Creature
Sea dragon

Sea dragon in fairy tale

What’s the animatronic sea creature?

It is a robotic sea creature model, a water dragon. Which is designed to be waterproof and working underwater in most time, unless the operator need it appear on water.

Details of Animatronic Sea Creature

Animatronic Sea Creature

Robotic Sea Creature

Animatronic Sea Creature

Realistic Sea Creature

TypeAnimatronic Sea Creature
Creature SpeciesSea Dragon
PowerAC, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move

What’s the application of your water dragon?

It is an animatronic prop of stage show which needs to a water dragon hide in the pool unless it needs to appear.

Can you make another animatronic prop working in the water?

Yes, we can. We can design and make customized animatronic with a pneumatic device which is suitable for working in water.

Another interesting animatronic you made?

We had made a lot of customized animatronic, for example–Animatronic Dragon, Animatronic Creatures, Animatronic Snow Monster, Animatronic Chomper, Animatronic Snowman, etc.